Content Marketing Definition with Examples

Learn the content marketing definition including information about its rise, examples, and why it is so effective in this day and age.

The Content Marketing Definition

Content marketing, is a type of internet marketing that focuses on creating and distributing genuinely valuable and relevant content to accumulate a targeted group of audience. The main objective of content marketing is to procure profitable customer action from this audience. In this definition we will consider its rise, examples and effectiveness, as follows:

The Rise of Content Marketing

Content marketing is viewed as the future of advertising for several reasons. Due to the many technological innovations that have been introduced in the last 10 years, people have the ability to skip commercials via DVR, listen to their Mp3 players instead of the radio. They can experience what is now referred to as banner and billboard blindness. Essentially, more and more people spend a large majority of their time online. Therefore, the traditional ways of marketing are fading in terms of return on investment and effectiveness.

Prime Examples

A prime example of what is content marketing, would be for example, establishing a medical cannabis cooking related YouTube channel. Utilizing the 80/20 rule which is 80% content and 20% pitch. An effective form of content marketing, pertaining to this concept would be to release 4 videos about cooking 4 different types of cannabis infused meals, and 1 video about a machine,(that they will get sales and commissions for persuading the users to purchase) that extracts the THC from marijuana and inserts it into butter. Known as cannabutter, this is a necessary ingredient for cooking with cannabis. At that point the channel owner will again release 4 more cannabis recipe related videos and then possibly talk about how vaporizers can help them to save money on the costs associated with medical cannabis.

Another prime example of what is content marketing, would be to establish a Pinterest board that focuses on providing pictures of luxurious handbags and designer jewelry. Every time a new handbag or jewelry, gets released, the board manager could post those pictures on their boards and ask their audience to tell them what they think of the illustrious designs or quality. But eventually they would post a picture proclaiming for example, “I can’t believe their selling Gucci handbags for $50 at this “affiliated” website, I LOVE IT !”.

Why Content Marketing is so Effective

By providing your audience with valuable content you are essentially dong three things. These are building trust, establishing authority and providing them with a source of entertainment. Statistically speaking, people are more likely to buy something from someone who they either trust. Such person can be a authoritative figure on a specific subject matter and from people that they like. Content marketing focuses on combining all three of these factors that determines the possibility that a customer will purchase from you or buy a product that you recommend. Unlike the traditional way of advertising, it allows you to get more personal with your audience. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to interact with and persuade them.