Direct Marketing Definition – Forms and Advantages

Learn the direct marketing definition and understand the advantages and form of it that businesses use to achieve desired success.

The Direct Marketing Definition

There are a lot of forms of marketing out there today, and it can be really confusing to remember all of them. Out of all the different forms of marketing, direct marketing is one such type of marketing that a large number of businesses adopt all over the globe. So, what is direct marketing? In simple words, direct marketing is a type of marketing where the marketer directly markets the product to the consumer.

Here the use of traditional marketing techniques like broadcasting the advertisement over radio service or an ad in the television has no place. Placing general ads over the internet is not included too. The main tools of direct marketing are flyers, mailers and catalogs.


  • As direct marketing means directly dealing with the customers, the need of a middleman is not felt. As a result of that, price is not hiked and the consumers are benefited by paying a lower amount for the product.
  • The exact response of the products is determined in a better way as marketing executives get to deal with the consumers directly.
  • The profit or loss can be judged with better accuracy as all the transactions are done directly without any medium.

Forms of Direct Marketing

  • Direct Mails: Businesses send direct mails to their targeted group of prospects who are likely to purchase their products.
  • Telemarketing: Calls are made to the prospective customers and the product is advertised over the telephone. It is important to note that not all probable buyers might appreciate getting marketing calls.
  • Email Marketing: Electronic mails are sent to a group of people who are likely to give a positive response. One bad thing about this form is that oftentimes the marketing emails land up in spam or junk mailbox. Email marketing has over recent years gained popularity because of increase in online services.

There are other forms of direct marketing too but these are the top three. You can contact us for more help.