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Learn the event marketing definition and its potential to popularize products at exhibition and other public launch of events.

The Event Marketing Definition

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing that is gaining popularity over the day. Today, more and more businesses understand its potential to popularize their products among the general public, especially the prospective buyers.

Event marketing is promoting your products at a public event. It is an activity of organizing a themed party, exhibition or event for people at the launch of a product. In events, the features and benefits of the products are described and prospective customers are convinced into buying them. The products launched at an event have a lasting impression in the minds of people than the ones launched otherwise. Event marketing allows companies to directly deal with their customers. Many businesses hand out samples of their products to people so that they can try them and consider purchasing a larger number or quantity of the products. Public events create a great opportunity for product marketing.

Event Marketing and Social Media

Today is the age of social media. A large number of people are using popular social networking sites, so it is a good idea to reach out to the targeted customers through social media. There are more reasons than one why a company should use social networking sites for event marketing:

1. Social media is a great platform for the engagement of event organizers and the general public. The event managers can directly get in touch with the audience and discuss about the events with them.

2. A company can reach a larger audience through social media as opposed to other media of reaching them. So if a business is organizing an event then it can expect better attendance of people interested in buying its products.

3. As event marketers get to directly engage with the audience, they get to know the choice and interests of their prospective buyers. So when deciding topics for the event social media is very helpful for event marketing. It also makes for improved event planning.