Field Marketing Definition Covering its Different Types

Learn the meaning of field marketing covering its types including product sampling, leaflet campaigns and merchandising campaign.

What is Field Marketing

Field marketing is a type of marketing whereby trained people are sent to create awareness about a certain brand in the field. This type of marketing is considered traditional as it has been used from time in memorial in brand promotion through one on one communication. The intended marketing message is passed from the personnel in charge of marketing to the potential customers in various ways.

In recent times field marketing has become more engaging. This is so because marketing personnel go a step further and ask for feedback from the consumers. This increases its effectiveness as producers and business owners get to know what most consumers feel about their products. They see changes that these consumers would like to see in regards to the products being marketed.

Types of field marketing

Field marketing can be categorized in to different types depending on the medium through which the message is passed across to the consumer. Below are the three of the most common types of field marketing.

Product sampling

In product sampling, trained personnel either offer samples to potential consumers especially where small consumer goods are involved or provide demonstrations that are designed to show consumers how a certain products works. Additionally, these show how the product in question can be of use to the consumers. The aim here is to give consumers a feel about a given product without having to buy the it.

Leaflet campaigns

In leaflets campaigns, leaflets that contain information about a given product are distributed to the consumers. The marketing strategy here is to literally get the brand information into the hands of consumers.

Merchandising campaigns

In merchandising campaigns, trained marketing personnel visit different stores involved in the sale of similar products within a given area. The trained personnel are then responsible for ensuring the brand visibility by employing different tactics for example encouraging buyers to these stores to buy the brand they are marketing and offering helpful information in regards to the said product.

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