Definition of International Marketing –

Learn the meaning of international marketing and how it revolves around promoting goods and services in different countries.

The Definition of International Marketing

The term international marketing is often times confused and used interchangeably with the term Global marketing. The truth, however, is that these two terms are completely different. Global marketing is more of an extension of international marketing. However, it focuses on leveraging a company’s products and assets by adapting to what is unique in each country. In this case, products design target a certain group of customers. This looks at their geographical location and their unique needs.

Who uses international markets?

This type of marketing is used by exporters who simply ship goods from one country to another. The success of this form of marketing international marketing where exported goods are concerned to a large extent depend on the level of marketing effort put by the exporting company. Many companies have been successful in penetrating the international market through this method of marketing. It is not just for the big established companies. Market research will show that anyone can look for markets in another country and provide the products that they are marketing to consumers in that country.

The bottom line here is that the product being marketed is still the same as that found in domestic marketing activities. International marketing has been made easy by advancing technology that has literally turned the world into a global village. Anyone with a zeal for success can therefore succeed using this type of marketing.