Marketing Management Definition Covering Various Concepts

Learn what is marketing management definition that covers the various concepts that should be utilized to guarantee business success.

What is Marketing Management Definition

The process of marketing management involves planning, organizing, controlling and directing the activities relating to marketing of services and goods. This is so done to satisfy the needs of the customer. Every company hires a marketing manager to oversee the marketing department, and it is his/her responsibility to help the business enjoy profits and to increase the customer base. Marketing management has several important concepts, as follows:

Production Concept

This step requires identification of those products that are high in demand and that customers will definitely purchase. Once identified, a large-scale production needs to be started, and the products should be sold off at low prices to enjoy high profits through bulk sales. The price needs to be low because competition goes hand in hand with demand, and there will be others selling similar products like you. So, if you want your sales to be better, your price must be competitive.

Product concept

Together with the price, the quality of the product must also receive importance. A consumer will examine the product carefully, particularly if he is getting it at a low price. So make sure the products and services you offer are of good quality, offers good value for money, and has good features.

Selling Concept

You might produce a good product, but your main objective is definitely selling it. So, it is very important that your company pursues vigorous sales promotion. Customers can think about buying your products only when they get to know about it. Thus, you need to implement different sales promotion method so that you can enjoy great sales in minimum time. Efficient public relations is necessary in this regard.

Marketing Concept

The promotion methods used have a very important impact on businesses. While creating the marketing strategy, the company needs to remember that consumer is of utmost importance, and all efforts should be put into making them feel special. If you market your product in a way that the customer feels you made it for him, then you will enjoy his loyalty, and thus great sales. A good marketing mix is therefore important.

These are four basic marketing management concepts, which if you follow, you will surely see your business soar high.

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