Mass Marketing Definition – Nature, Media & Evolution

Learn what is mass marketing definition covering its nature, media, evolution and mobile and of its basic strategy for success.

What is Mass Marketing Definition

Nature of Mass Marketing

This strategic marketing method is completely opposite to niche marketing. In niche market only a specific group of individuals are targeted. Here the business marketer does not conduct a market research to find out its market niche. He markets the products to the general audience as the products that are on offer are needed or wanted by people at large. Bread, toothpaste, soda and other consumer goods are good examples.

The Mass Marketing Evolution

As technology evolved, the birth and rise of internet has helped this method of marketing to catapult to a newer height. Today, companies are using email to advertise their product to the general mass. The idea behind this is that the repetition of advertisements will keep reminding the customers about the features and benefits of the products. It not only helps to bring in newer customers but also to retain the former ones and make them loyal customers. Hence, brand loyalty is developed which becomes a means of success for the business. Competition is stiff in a mass market segment. This is because there are other businesses offering the same set of products. With the right marketing strategies a business can flourish in the market.

The Media of Mass Marketing

Radio and television are the earliest forms of a mass market. If a company had a product to sell then it could let the prospective consumers know by broadcasting through national radio or television service. A product that was broadcasted through television could reach a larger number of audiences than it could reach using other forms of marketing. Repetition of advertisements on the TV helped the company get brand recognition.

The growing number of mobile phone users and the need to find newer ways of marketing had led to the discovery of mobile marketing. It is an excellent way of connecting with the prospective customers in a very effective manner. This method of marketing has a lot of potential for businesses as it helps to bring in newer customers.

Features of Mass Marketing

One of the best things about mobile phone marketing is that it is personal in nature. If a business advertises its product on huge billboards then it is hopeful that the potential clients will have a look at it when they drive by. On the other hand, if the products are advertised on the television then chances are that the prospective customer will notice it unless he changes the channel. When an entrepreneur opts for this kind of marketing then he has very high chance of the prospects noticing the message when they glance at their phone. The personal touch added to marketing is quite powerful and can help a business reach the high points of success.

Another great feature is that the prospective customers get to act immediately as opposed to in other marketing forms. When a person sees an advertisement on billboards or TV then he might not take an immediate step. If the same person is seeing the same message on his mobile phone then he can click on the message and take the next step. Therefore, it can be said that the chances of turning prospective clients into regular ones is greater in marketing done through mobile phones as opposed to billboards and television.

The world is becoming more mobile savvy by the day, so it is only wiser to adopt the latest marketing strategy that can bring excellent results.