Social Marketing Definition Covering its Internal & External Elements

Learn the social marketing definition and understand its internal and external elements and media necessary for business success.

The Social Marketing Definition

Social media marketing or SMM for short, is a type of internet marketing that focuses on utilizing social networking sites. This include sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tagged as a marketing tool. The whole purpose of social media marketing is to provide your audience with valuable content that they will share with other people within their network. This will in turn, help you to garner traffic and increase brand awareness. Due to the nature of social networks in general the users inserts a wide variety of information about themselves, such as: sexual orientation, age, race, location, interests, goals and occupation. By implementing a social marketing strategy, you can acquire highly targeted leads.

How To Perform Social Media Marketing

Similar to search engine optimization, in order for you to utilize social marketing as a part of your marketing strategy, you need to perform social media optimization. This process entails establishing internal and external elements on and off your web site.

Prime Examples Of Internal Elements

  • Establishing a share widget on each page on your website. Such include a “Share this” widget for Facebook or a “Tweet this” widget for Twitter.
  • Establishing various Social media profile or connect icons. Such can include icon that would allow a user to like your Facebook page or follow you on twitter.

Prime Examples Of External Elements

  • Utilizing your social media profiles to let your audience know when you have published new content on your website.
  • Implementing a 80/20 marketing strategy which essentially means, provide them with 80% valuable content and 20% pitch.
  • Interacting with your followers and subscribers, to increase your level of engagement, which raises the chance that if someone shares a link to your page, that it will pop up in their network’s news feed.

The benefits of social media marketing aren’t just limited to creating brand awareness, generating sales and increasing website traffic alone, it can prove to be a valuable tool that you can utilize to gain priceless feedback about your business as well.